MCTS 70-511 Windows Application Development with Visual Studio 2010 .Net Framework 4.0 (C#.Net)

This is the new framework of Microsoft Visual Studio (4.0) and to get qualified as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), students need to sit for only one exam (Exam code is: 70-511). The official Microsoft curriculum will be conducted.

Course Content:

  • Building a User Interface Using WPF Controls / Using Resources / Using Styles and Triggers
  • Working with Events and Commands – Configuring Events and Event Handling / Configuring Commands / Implementing Animation
  • Adding and Managing Content – Managing the Visual Interface / Adding Multimedia Content
  • Windows Forms and Windows Forms Controls – Working with Windows Forms and Container Controls/ Configuring Controls in Windows Forms / Using List-Display and Specialized Controls / Using Tool Strips and Menus
  • Working with User-Defined Controls- Creating Controls in Windows Forms / Using Control Templates / Creating Custom Controls in WPF
  • Working with Data Binding – Configuring Data Binding / Converting Data / Validating Data and Configuring Change Notification
  • Configuring Data Binding – Binding to Data Sources / Manipulating and Displaying Data
  • Working with Data Grids and Validating User Input – Implementing Data-bound Controls in Windows Forms / Validating User Input
  • Enhancing Usability – Implementing Asynchronous Processing / Implementing Globalization and Localization / Integrating Windows Forms Controls and WPF Controls
  • Advanced Topics- Working with Security / Managing Settings / Implementing Drag and Drop
  • Testing and Debugging WPF Applications- Testing the User Interface / Debugging with Intellitrace and PresentationTraceSources
  • Deployment- Creating a Windows Setup Project/ Deploying Applications with ClickOnce
  • Duration                     : 60 hours
  • Course Fee                : Rs.25,000/= (All Inclusive)
  • Course Fee                : 1st Ins – Rs.15,000/= + Rs.10,000/=
  • Class Schedules       : Class Schedule
  • Medium                     : English
  • Examination          : Online Examination conducted in Prometric Test Centres
  • Suitable For               : Beginners and Those who want to qualify with Microsoft Certifications



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