Diploma in 3D Animation

This course is to provide you with a strong technical expertise in finished art, expanding your understanding of 3D Animation.

Course Content and Software:


  • 3D Max
  • Maya

Course Content:

  • Basic 3D Animation Techniques
    • Introduction of 3D Animation
    •  Sound Knowledge of Tools and 3D Modeling
    •  Lighting, Texturing and Animating
    •  Modifiers
  • Advanced 3D Animation Techniques
    • Advanced 3D Modeling
    •  Advanced Lighting and Texturing
    •  Advanced Rendering
    •  Character Designing
    •  Modern 3D Technology
  • Duration                     : 06 months
  • Course Fee                : Rs.35,000/= (All Inclusive)
  • Course Fee                : 1st Ins – Rs.9,500/= + Rs.6,375/= * 4
  • Class Schedules       : Class Schedule
  • Medium                     : English
  • Suitable For               : For professionals who are currently working.Those who seek foreign employment in the field of graphic designing and advertising.

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