Certificate in Network Adminstration

The programme aims at providing Network Administrators with a versatile knowledge in the computer Networkfield. For practical sessions, a separate lab has been provided to enable students to get hands-on training on Cable Crimping, Installing and configuring Windows 2012, Troubleshooting the network, Installing & configuring DHCP & Active Directory, and configuring access levels, etc. Main Objective of this course is to establish Network Administrators who are capable of configuring Computer Network for usage starting from identifying customer requirements through giving a lifelong service to a customer.


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Different Types of Architectures of Computer Networks
  • IP Addressing &Subnetting
  • Network Devices
  • Designing the Network
  • Cable Crimping & Testing
  • Installing & Configuring Windows Server 2008
  • DNS, DHCP, Active Directory
  • Defining Users, Access Levels & Security
  • Practical Project


  • Duration                     : 20 Hours (2 Months )
  • Course Fee                : Rs.12,000/= (All Inclusive)
  • Course Fee                : 1st Ins – Rs.7,200/=
  • Class Schedules       : Class Schedule
  • Medium                     : English
  • Suitable For               :Ideally for those that wish to receive a complete and comprehensive knowledge about configuring and maintaining computer network configurations.



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