Advance Excel

This program is recommended for Executives, Accountants or the like who has a basic knowledge in MS excel and they need to master the advance functions of Excel.

Course Content

  1. Using Advanced Functions
  2. Using Other Functions
  3. Working with Tables
  4. Working with Data Series
  5. Using Scenario and Goal Seeking
  6. Using Worksheet Protection
  7. Using Conditional and Custom Formats
  8. Consolidating Worksheets
  9. Using Templates
  10. Working with Views
  11. Creating/Revising PivotTables
  12. Sharing Workbooks
  13. Using Data Tables
  14. Using Auditing Tools
  15. Using Macros
  16. Recording Macros
  17. Editing Macros
  • Duration:                      20 Hours
  • Course Fee:                  Rs.8,000/= (All Inclusive)   1st Ins – Rs. 4,800/=
  • Class Schedules:      Class Schedule
  • Medium:                       English
  • Suitable For:              All IT and non IT professionals

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