AngularJS One Day Workshop 2015

AngularJS is an open-source web application framework, maintained by Google that assists with creating single-page applications, which consist of one HTML page with CSS and JavaScript on the client side. AngularJS is the most rapidly growing framework which use in IT industry. AngularJS training program will helpful to develop and test of web applications by providing client-side model–view–controller (MVC). Further following content will be covered with practical course work.AngularJS Landing Page


5 thoughts on “AngularJS One Day Workshop 2015

  1. Wow…. it was a great experience we had @ Esoft AngularJs workshop. Mr Krishantah Dinesh is an excellent trainer and he inspired us to learn with an open and positive mind. Tnx for the knowledge you share with us sir. & Tnx Esoft for arranging these kind of workshops. These are really worth for us to grab new technologies & trends in It industry..tnx Esoft …keep it up..cheers…..

  2. The workshop was really good to get the basics right, the trainer was excellent and the flow of the program was properly structured to suit programmers of all levels of exposure to technologies. It is really important to mention that this class was followed and understood by professionals who specialise in different programming languages.

  3. Mr Krishantha was the best trainer i ever seen in my life. Thanks ESOFT for finding such great trainer and giving opportunity to learn under him to such reasonable price. i was kind of very bad on web technologies. bt Mr Krishantha Made me to learn in different way. he touched us how we should learn and how we should focus. Thanks again and again for this invaluable opertunity

  4. I would like to say thank you Mr. Krishantah Dinesh for the effort and expertise that you brought to the workshop the day. I found the day very informative and have taken many things away from the workshop…it’s so valuable workshop

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